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Mobile Application Development – The Future

Sam Jones September 20, 2012 Articles 1 Comment
Mobile Application Development – The Future

Mobile development and applications are the most competitive markets right now in the world of technology with increasing number of users and demand of apps sky rocketing every day.

The app development market is all about the race to providing the best user experience, compound, profound apps that can do wonders and delivering this technology to devices of all sizes, shapes and cost.

While prediction theories may add more to the list, based on my years of experience in the information technology world, the following are the trends in app development that I believe we should be seeing in coming days if any time sooner.


This bad boy has crashed the party with a bang. Not only did HTML 5 drove programmers into deep confusion with the very fickle choice between this or native applications. While Microsoft and Adobe have already adopted to the HTML 5 platform, others are converging this shiny new technology that would pave the way for business solutions, apps and development particularly on the mobile platform

User Interface

Don’t we have everything already?

First came the touch screen, and then came the shortcuts. Soon after the ‘gestures’ followed and now we have complete voice-command interfaces like Siri that perform tasks for us.

So what exactly is missing here? The same interface design over everything, all mediums and all devices. That also means developers will be pushed to have solutions for all this.

 Location Based Services

Location based services and apps are the future according to experts. Apps and services that respond to specific situations and locations and change their behavior and functioning to adjust.

This means your phone will automatically be ready when you reach the gym, your phone will automatically play music and crank out the list and other suggestions when you’re shopping.

Advanced Social Networking

Social networking as know it is not mutually social or connected. Mobile platforms are the first place where they all came together in one place but still there is a need for a centralized, more advanced and expansive social experience. Developers are coming up with newer ways of socially expanding your life and the future of social networking looks very bright.

Mobile Payment Solutions

This one is a bit tricky. While apps like Fandango are offering payment solutions right from their apps, it’s still a very limited area of applications. While shopping on a mobile phone is easy through websites, stand-alone payment solutions are still far from reality. While NFC has come about in high end devices, payment solution providers and vendors need to open up to users.

Object Recognition

The most talked about service for high end mobile devices is the object recognition. How does that help any average mobile phone user? With object recognition you can identify places, products, get updates, get prices and even do your entire shopping just by looking at things. The camera on the mobile phone will serve as a searching agent which will capture images and provide information.

Mobile Communication 2.0, Email, IM

Let’s face it, without wifi or any other high speed connectivity, your phone cannot communicate with other phones besides calls, texts and Bluetooth.

Mobile communication has been stuck in the stone ages for a very long time and it’s about time the need for filling the gap between devices has finally been realized and hopefully in near future we will be using exciting features such as emails between devices as well as instant messaging without any extra charges.


Mobile application development is entering a completely new phase of evolution and by the end of 2012 we will be working in a completely different mobile devices environment. With Intel’s debut into the mobile business with windows based phone, its surely going to be interesting for everyone. Hopefully the changes we see and the developments we witness will contribute to making the mobile platform stronger, faster and more secure.

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  1. Axton October 5, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Object recognition is the only next big step forwards. Its the one thing that should work well with shopping, identifying and even helping with problems.

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